Adorable, bizarre and outright stunning: The 25 best Wildlife Photographer of the Year People's Choice images

Featuring a very sleepy polar bear, arguing penguins, and the rarest species of wild dog in the world.

Want to see a troublemaking penguin? What about a startling starling murmuration? A curious lion cub? A very very sleepy polar bear? Well, you, dear reader, have lucked out.

All of the above appear in the shortlist for the Natural History Museum's annual Wildlife Photographer of the Year People's Choice awards. But which picture is best? That's up to you – the museum has invited all photography fans to select their favourites.

There are 25 amazing images to choose from, so head on over to the Wildlife Photographer of the Year's People's Choice page to vote for your winner.

But before you do, take a look through our gallery of all of the images in the running for this year's prestigious award.


Adult and young penguin look at smaller penguin

Aurora jellies

Aurora and glowing creatures in lake

Starling murmuration

Starling murmuration forms shape of bird in sky

A rare sight

A brown wolf rests surrounded by flowers

Duckling huddle

Bird mother and her chicks in snow

The Grassland Geladas

A pair of monkeys sit in woodland glade

Opportunity fox

Fox has its head in a litter bin


White hare with brown feet in snow

Ice bed

Polar bear sleeps on block of ice

Tough negotiation

Red fox cub looks at shrew


Bat flying at night

Rubbish drinks

Ape drinking from plastic bottle

Looking at me looking at you

Bear stands in water holding both arms at waist height

Missed sip of milk

whale calf floats past mother's milk in blue sea

Autumn glow

orange leaves above water


Female lion lies down while cub walks towards camera

Neighbourhood dispute

Mudskipper and grab fight on water surface

Swallow over meadow

swallow seen from below


Chimpanzee locked behind bars

The happy turtle

Turtle in water has dragonfly on mouth and looks happy

Incoming cuckoo wasp

wasp flies while another rests

Shared parenting

Two female lions like a cub's face

Fashion victims

Fur coats hanging up on rack

A bull in a garbage dump

Elephant surrounded by rubbish

Tender touch

two white hares touch mouths

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