Try not to laugh at these 10 best Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2023 winners

"I come from a land down under!"

You know what we should see more of? Photobombing kangaroos. That’s our primary conclusion after guffawing at all the whimsical winners of the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2023

The highly commended cheeky ‘roo (which you can see below) is joined by many other animals caught in moments they’d rather forget. These include a white-winged dove flying straight into a tree, a very moody owl, and a long-tailed macaque monkey posing like Kate Winslet on a Titanic sofa. There really is something for everyone.

But the funniest animal of the year? Another kangaroo, this one seemingly rocking out and playing a spot of air guitar. The image, taken by Jason Moore, beat off some serious competition from over 5,000 entries from photographers from around the world.

Here are some of the winners and our top picks from this year's Comedy Wildlife Awards.

Highly commended – Monday blahs

Owl looks tired and depressed

Highly commended – Boing

Kangroo looks shocked

Highly commended – Snowball

bird looks like a snowball

Highly commended – The happy turtle

Turtle with dragon fly on nose seems like its smiling

Highly commended – That wasn't there yesterday

Bird seems to fly into tree

Highly commended – Rainforest dandy

Monkey lies down on side and plays with tail

Junior category winner & People's choice winner – Dispute

bird appears to point away from other birds stood on tree

Creatures of the air category winner – Unexpected plunge

Bird dives headfirst into water

Creatures under the water category winner – Otter ballerina

Otter appears to trip while looking like ballerina

Overall winner – Air guitar roo

kangaroo plays air guitar

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