Top 10 fastest planes in the world 2024

Want to fly in speed and style? Then take a look at our list of the fastest passenger planes in the world.

Do you feel the need? The need for speed? If you're sharing a long plane journey with screaming children, almost certainly. But which commercially-available vehicle would get to your destination the quickest?

Below we have taken a look at the maximum speeds of passenger aircraft around the globe, assessing the pace and price.

So strap in, keep your seatbelt fastened and get onboard for a look at the fastest planes in the sky.

10. Boeing 747-400 – 1056km/h (656mph)

Plane swoops overhead

The venerable 747-400 makes it on this list despite being in service for over 35 years. It is the most common variant of the 747, and its mix of long-range and high speed made this a very popular plane with airlines in its heyday.

Sadly, even with this impressive top speed, it is an ageing and inefficient design. Production ended in 2007, and there is only one commercial example still operational. This decline was, in part, hastened by a decline in air traffic during the COVID-19 pandemic.

9. Boeing 777 – 1098km/h (683mph)

Plane flies overhead

Another popular and long-running aircraft in Boeing's range, the 777 has been flying for almost 30 years. And new orders and deliveries mean that we will be seeing this plane in the skies for some years to come.

This plane is capable of flying over 500 passengers, which is impressive for a single-deck aircraft with only two engines. What is more impressive is it still being about to reach speeds of Mach 0.89, or 1099km/h.

8. Airbus A380 –1098km/h (683mph)

Multicoloured plane in the blue sky

The A380 is the only full-length, double-decker aircraft in the world, capable of carrying over 800 people in comfort. In fact, it is the largest passenger plane ever built, as wide as 32 double-decker buses. And incredibly this behemoth can still reach speeds of Mach 0.89.

Over the past 16 years, the A380 has carried over 300 million people around the globe. Production has officially ended, but the speed and comfort this aircraft offers means that it will be flying for years to come.

7. Dassault Falcon 7X – 1111km/h (690mph)

Small Plane landing

Ok so it doesn't look like much, but this triple-engined business jet is astonishingly quick and can carry 16 people in luxury at speeds of over 1100km/h. This is thanks to a 3-engine design, with one engine mounted centrally in the tail of the plane.

Triple-engine planes (or 'trijets') are rare, and Dassault is the only manufacturer that currently makes them. The main advantage of this is that the wings can be mounted further back on the aircraft, changing the centre of gravity and increasing fuel efficiency.

The Falcon 7X is one in a long line of Falcon planes produced by Dassault. The upcoming Falcon 10X will be even quicker, with a planned top speed of Mach 0.925.

6. Boeing 787 Dreamliner – 1111km/h (690mph)

Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner, from Qatar Aieways company, landing at Barcelona airport, in Barcelona on 04th January 2023. -- (Photo by Urbanandsport/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

Boeing's take on the wide-bodied long-haul plane has already built a reputation for comfort and efficiency. But with a top speed of 1111km/h, it also has speed in its favour.

This is a popular plane, with over 1,000 in service around the world. This means that if you are flying long haul, chances are it will be on a Dreamliner.

5. Boeing 747-8i – 1136km/h (706mph)

plane contrails

This plane is truly remarkable in that despite the age of the 747 platform, the 747-8i is the fastest large commercial jet in the world, with the capacity to carry nearly 500 people at speeds of over 1130km/h.

In fact, these planes are so impressive that two are currently being modified by the US Air Force, and will be given the Air Force One call sign when they go into service in 2024.

4. Gulfstream G700 – 1142.19km/h (709mph)

Jet plane above clouds

Gulfstream is perhaps the name in private jets, and with a high price tag ($80m or £63m) comes an impressive top speed to match.

It is able to carry 19 (or sleep 10) in the lap of luxury over a range of 13,000km. It is also capable of flying at heights of over 15,000m, meaning that it can fly high above other air traffic and bad weather. This makes for a much more smooth and comfortable experience.

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3. Cessna Citation X – 1154.538km/h (717mph)

Cessna 750 Citation X / 10 on final-approach. (Photo by: Images Group via Getty Images)

An updated version of the long-running Citation X was introduced in 2012, with a larger cabin and an improved top speed. This is a very popular plane, despite having a shorter range than some of its competitors at 6400km.

In total, 29 of the faster model have been built, with production ending in 2018.

2. Bombardier Global 8000 – 1160km/h (721mph)


Ever wanted to live like Succession's Logan Roy, flying around the globe from meeting to meeting, but felt that traditional planes were way too slow? Well, relax because the Global 8000 is here to help. It can reach speeds of Mach 0.94 (approximately 1160km/h) whilst carrying 19 passengers in the lap of luxury.

With a projected range of over 14,000km, that will be more than enough to attend a far-flung meeting where you could call someone a rude word if you so wished.

It is due to be operational in 2025 and replaces the Global 7500 (which itself is no slouch).

1. SpaceShipTwo 'Unity' – 3704 km/h (2301.81 mph)

rocket plane in sky seen from below

The fastest plane in the world in 2023 available to passengers is the Virgin Galactic craft. In July 2021, six passengers aboard the rocket plane hit a speed of Mach 3 in the skies above New Mexico, USA.

Unlike the other aircraft on this list, the VSS Unity is powered by a single rocket engine. It cannot take off unaided and needs to be carried to its launch height (15,000m) on the back of a cargo aircraft known as White Knight Two. Once it has launched, it can reach speeds of over 3700km/h, and fly at an altitude of nearly 90km above the Earth's surface.

The first commercial flights have now taken place after 20 years of development, with a ticket costing a cool $400,000 (£356,000) for a 90-minute flight.

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