Top 10: Countries with speediest internet

At 47th place, the UK doesn’t make the list.

A public service announcement to all gamers: don’t move to Yemen. With an average broadband speed of 0.58Mbps (over 106 times slower than the net aboard the International Space Station), it would take just under three days to download the likes of Red Dead Redemption 2.

But which country has the fastest net? (Spoiler: with an average speed of 37.82 Mbps, it’s not the UK, which comes in at 47th).

10. Hungary

Hungary flag

Fast enough to download Days Of Thunderin43 seconds

9. Monaco

Monaco Flag

Fast enough to download The Simsin142seconds

8. Hong Kong

Hong Kong flag

Fast enough to downloadBarry White’sGreatest Hitsalbumin0.38seconds

7. Switzerland

Switzerland flag

Fast enough to download Top Gunin41seconds

6. Iceland

Iceland flag

Fast enough to downloadall the Harry Potter booksin 12seconds

5. Luxembourg


Fast enough to downloadthe entireFast & Furiousmovie franchisein 154seconds

4. Gibraltar

Gibraltar flag

Fast enough to downloadSpeed, starring Keanu Reevesin26seconds

3. Andorra

Andorra flag

Fast enough to downloadthe 4K extended edition ofThe Lord Of The Rings trilogy in 130 seconds

2. Jersey

Jersey flag

Fast enough to downloadthe2014 filmTheJersey Boysin 10.4seconds

1. Liechtenstein

Liechtenstein Flag

Fast enough to downloadS Club 7’sgreatest hitsalbum,Bestin 0.05 seconds

Source: Worldwide broadband speed league

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