Top 10: countries with increasing forest areas

China, Australia, France and Romania all have net growth when it comes to forest areas. But which nation grows the most per year?

Deforestation is a growing,human-made calamity. Over 47,000 km2 (an area almost twice the size of Wales) of forest is lost worldwide annually. In fact, 17 per cent of the Amazon rainforest has been destroyed in the past 50 years alone. But some countries have recently logged surprising increases in forest space.

Here are the top nations with the highest net gain of woodland per year:

10. Romania


(Almosteighttimesthe size ofNorwich)

9. Italy

Italian Flag © Getty Images

(Overfourtimesthe size ofBelfast)

8. France

France flag © Getty Images

(15 times the size of Bolton)

7. USA

United States Flag © Getty Images

(23timesthe size ofExeter)

6. Turkey

Turkish Flag © Getty Images

(35timesthe size ofSlough)

5. Vietnam

Vietnamese Flag © Getty Images

(Ninetimesthe size ofCardiff)

4. Chile

Chile flag © Getty Images

(25timesthe size ofDundee)

3. India

Indian flag © Getty Images

(61timesthe size ofLuton)

2. Australia


(16timesthe size ofBirmingham)

1. China

China flag © Getty Images

(An area over12 timesthe size ofLondon)

SOURCE: Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

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