Smartest Animals in the World

Smartest Animalsin the World

If you want to know the record holder for the smartest animals in the world, then you're in the right place. The smartest animal in the world is the Chimpanzee followed by dolphins and elephants. Chimps can make and use tools, hunt collectively, and are capable of advanced problem-solving. They are also able to learn sign language to communicate with humans and can remember the name sign for individuals they have not seen for several years, ability to use symbols for objects and combine the symbols in a sequence to convey a complex idea.

Dolphins are also one of the most intelligent animals in the world. They have a sophisticated language. They use tools in their natural environment and can learn an impressive array of behavioral commands by human trainers. Like many of the most intelligent animals on Earth, dolphin females remain with their young for several years, teaching them all the tricks of the dolphin trade.

Finally elephants who come third in the list are also considered to possess high intelligence. They have been known to clean their food and use tools in various ways in the wild, and they can also follow human commands in captivity. Elephants are also extremely caring and empathetic to other members of their group and to other species, which is considered a highly advanced form of intelligence.

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Did you know:

On the other hand, rhinocerous beetle can carry 850 times its own weight. To put that into perspective that would be like one of us lifting a 65 ton armoured tank.

We should also consider the strength of the jaws. The saltwater crocodile is a fearsome chomper who can inflict a bone-crunching bite that is around 3-4 times stronger than a lion. To give you a rough idea, the force of this bite would be a bit like having a car fall on top of you.

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