8 best bathroom gadgets for a grooming routine upgrade in 2024

Make those mundane bathroom tasks and rituals more exciting with a quirky bathroom gadget.

To help make teeth brushing, showering, bathing, and even sink scrubbing, more efficient and enjoyable, we've put together a list of the best bathroom gadgets.

So whether you're a shower singer, a tub soaker or a bathroom social media scroller, we've got you covered. From a smart mirror with a built-in speaker, to a handy tool that squeezes out every last drop of toothpaste, our pick of the best bathroom gadgets is here to enhance your daily bathroom routines.

For more tech inspiration, here's all you need to know about the latest new tech and gadgets we are most interested in.

Best bathroom gadgets for 2024

Smart Scale

As a full-body composition smart scale, along with your weight, you can discover your body fat, BMI, water percentage and muscle and bone mass, so this set of bathroom scales certainly doesn't hold back on detail. You can view all of this information on an app, which is useful if you're keen to track any changes over time.

It'll even display graphs and bar charts with your personal information if you want to get an overall picture. You can sync the data with a number of popular health apps including Apple Health, Fitbit and Google Fit so you can keep all of your health data in one place.

This bathroom gadget from Withings can recognise up to eight people so it's a convenient set of scales if you're part of a big family, or live in a shared house. It has a special pregnancy tracker feature, and once the baby arrives, you can make use of the baby mode feature to weigh the little ones in the house.

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Shower Power

This innovative hydropower Bluetooth shower speaker allows you to crack on with your bathroom routine alongside your favourite album or radio DJ. Once installed onto your showerhead, this speaker uses the power of the water to belt out your favourite tunes from the cylindrical immersive speaker. It lasts up to 16 hours once fully charged without the water running, and installs easily within a minute.

The best part of the shower power, though, is that its made using recycled plastics!

See our ultimate round-up of shower speakers for more innovative designs.

Smart Mirror

That's right, you can now add your bathroom mirror to the list of smart appliances in your home. This bathroom gadget is a build-your-own mirror as it's customisable, so you can choose from a list of features and functions to create a mirror that suits your needs.

A particularly desirable feature is the Bluetooth function which lets you connect your smartphone and play music through the wireless speakers that hide behind the mirror. You can also add in a digital weather station and clock which appears in a corner of the mirror, so you know exactly how late you are, and whether you need a jacket.

There's also lighting to consider, with a choice of neutral or cold white, or you can also go for the Philips LED light. The backlit look is ideal if you're after a futuristic vibe, and if you want to simply wave at your mirror in order for the lights to switch on, you can choose the movement sensor light switch option.

We've created a full round-up of our favourite smart mirrors, including models with in-built TVs and workout assistants.

Bath tray

This bath tray is a simple bathroom gadget which allows you to have all of your bath essentials – whether it's a glass of wine, phone or snacks – all within reach.

You can even pop a movie on as there's space for your tablet. The design is expandable on both sides so it should fit most bath tubs, and the length of the tray stretches from just over 75cm to 108.5cm. It's of course waterproof, and it's made of bamboo and wooden pallets, so it's a great pick if you're keen to reduce your plastic consumption.

Electric toothbrush

Electric toothbrushes are great gadgets until you hear the sad sound of the battery running low, but thankfully this tech-filled toothbrush has a two week battery life after just one charge. It also comes with a USB charging travel case so it's easy to pack and charge when you're on the move.

This smart toothbrush from Oral B features position detection technology which uses a combination of motion sensor technology and your phone camera, so you can easily spot the areas you're missing. It also has a gum pressure sensor, so you're told when to calm down if you're attacking your poor gums with unnecessary vigour.

With a selection of six brushing modes including whitening, sensitive and deep clean, there's something for every kind of brusher. In addition to the long list of advanced brushing features, this model is particularly sleek in appearance, and if you're feeling jazzy, you can change the colour of the smart ring through the app.

cleaning tool

Essentially, this is an electric toothbrush for your sinks and taps, so your bathroom cleaning chores can become less of a cardio workout. It's ideal for removing nasty tile grout and reaching those tricky spots that tend to get neglected. It comes with four different heads including a cone-shaped head and a soft cleaning head.

The oscillating head moves 10,000 times in a minute, so it should reduce the amount of elbow grease required. It's a versatile item to have in the cleaning cupboard, as you can use it for cooker tops, pots and even sofas.

Joseph Joseph Toilet Roll Drawer

While we may associate Joseph Joseph with colourful and convenient kitchen equipment, they also create accessories that make our lives easier in the bathroom too. This simple yet useful toilet roll holder provides you with a little shelf which acts as a trusty mobile phone holder. This should lower the risk of any accidental mobile phone back pocket slippages.

There's even a little discreet drawer that's bound to come in handy. As an added bonus, it features a friction-grip roll holder which prevents your toilet roll from unravelling.

Tube squeezer

If you hate waste and want to squeeze out every final ounce of toothpaste or moisturiser, this little bathroom gadget may be the handy piece of kit your bathroom is missing. It's multi-functional, so should work well with a variety of products and brands. It's made from metal alloy, so it's plastic free, making it a durable item you can use again and again. Its neat size means you can take it on your travels and it's easy to use. All you need to do is slide the key onto the top of your tube and roll it down.

We hope you've discovered a new favourite gadget in our roundup, but if you're looking for more gadgets around the home why not check out our other best lists?

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