Nature at its most stunning: The 19 best images from 2023’s Nature Conservancy Photography Prize

Includes fighter jet tigers, alien snakes and underwater phantoms.

The weather outside right now is frightful. So to cheer us all up, the Nature Conservancy has announced the winners of their 2023 Photo Contest. And, as ever, they are a powerful reminder of how beautiful the natural world can be when we look after it.

The 2023 Grand Prize went to photographer Tibor Litauszki from Hungary, for his incredible underwater image of an Alpine newt eating freshly laid frog’s eggs. 

The winning images were selected by an impressive panel of judges, including renowned natural history photographer Frans Lanting and celebrity judge and actor Cole Sprouse.

You can see highlights from this year's competition below.

Aerial Category winner – Living inside the yellow fields

Aerial view of houses in the middle of a yellow field

People and nature category honourable mention – Fighter jets

two wild male tigers fight while crowd watch

Lands category honourable mention – Planned burn at Chase State Fishing Lake

Hill on fire red sky reflected in lake

Mammals category winner – Wolf Trinity

Wolves jumping and playing.

Climate category winner - Stranded

House above flood water woman holding baby in the window

People and nature category winner – Wildebeest breakfast balloon safari

wildebeest and huge yellow hot air balloon

Insects and arachnids category winner – Wolf spider mother

close up of spider head with babies resting on top

Lands category winner – Sound and vision

fuzzy image of trees and snow

Oceans category winner – The Rangiroa gang

Dolphin breaches whilst swimming with pod

Freshwater category winner – Dry fish pond

Aerial view of people looking at holes in ldry ake

Aerials category second place – Magadi airshow

Aerial view of flamingoes flying in formation

Mammals category third place – Shaking off

Bear shaking water off head

Reptiles and amphibians category winner – Alien portrait

Skin of a snake's head on black background

Birds category winner – Busy builder

Small bird flying from nest

Freshwater category honourable mention – The beauty of a river monster

Mexican tiger salamander underwater

Plants and fungi category winner – SER*ES

cactus tree in desert with stars in the sky

Underwater life category winner – Phantoms adrift

black and white underwater shot of jellyfish

Celebrity judge winner – Dawn's whispers

Silhouette of bird against gold and black background

Overall winner – Between the stars

Newt underwater surrounded by tadpoles

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