Most Beautiful Women in the World

Most Beautiful Womenin the World

If you want to know who has the most titles for the most beautiful woman the world, then you're in the right place. Although many people think it's Angelina Jolie or other Hollywood actresses. This list contains actually the sexiest people in the whole planet, not just Hollywood celebrities. Beauty is not limited to one country or ethnicity. Here is the list as it was voted for by people worldwide. If you think someone should make this list please Contact Us. This is our top 10 list:

Rank: 10

Claire Forlani, (July 1, 1972) the daughter of Barbara, who was English, and Pier Luigi Forlani, a music manager from Ferrara, Italy. At the age of 11, Forlani entered the Arts Educational School in London, where she began to study acting. During her six years at the school, she also studied dance, which led to performances on stage in The Nutcracker and Orpheus in the Underworld. She acted in many movies and shows including NCIS: Los Angeles.

Rank: 9

Koyuki Kato, (born December 18, 1976), is a Japanese model and actress. Her first international film was The Last Samurai where she played Taka, the wife of a Samurai slain by the character Nathan Algren, played by Tom Cruise.

Rank: 8

Hayat Ahmed Mohammed, (born 1982) is the 2003 Miss World contender from Ethiopia. Hayat Ahmed was Ethiopia's first representative to any Miss World pageant. In the 2003 Miss World pageant with 100 contestants, Hayat made the semi-finals and the title "Continental Queen of Beauty - Africa." The pageant took place in China and was seen by 1 billion people.

Rank: 7

Maisa Moghrabi, (born 1982) is a Moroccan national who started her career as a model and later as an actresss. She played in several popular movies and TV shows and is very popular in the Arab world.

Rank: 6

Chen Hao, (born December 9, 1979) is a Chinese actress, singer and model. voted as the most beautiful chinese woman. Chen Hao is loved in her birth country China and in many other parts of the world.

Rank: 5

Ciara Princess Harris, (born October 25, 1985), is an American singer, songwriter, dancer, actress and fashion model. Born in Austin, Texas, she traveled around the world during her childhood. She signed a record deal with LaFace Records. Since making her musical debut in 2004, Ciara has attained eight Billboard Hot 100 top-ten singles, including a number one.

Rank: 4

Florence Colgate, has been dubbed "Most Beautiful Face" or "Most Beautiful Girl in the World" and there's science backing the claim up. She is the winner of a Britain-wide beauty contest, Colgate has mathematically perfect looks, according to statistics. Her face is perfectly symmetrical, and has the "optimum ratio" between her mouth, eyes, chin, and forehead.

Rank: 3

Aishwarya Rai, (born 1 November 1973) is an Indian actress who was a model before starting her acting career, and ultimately won the Miss India and Miss World pageant titles in 1994. Rai has starred in films in various languages. Rai has been appointed as goodwill ambassador for UNAIDS in 2012.

Rank: 2

Giselle Blondet, (born January 9, 1964) is a Puerto Rican actress and TV host. She hosted a reality show in Univision, called Nuestra Belleza Latina (Our Latin Beauty) (2007). The show has hints of American Idol, America's Next Top Model, and Miss Universe, and was an early hit.

Rank: 1

Miranda Kerr, (born 20 April 1983)is an Australian model. Kerr rose to prominence in 2007 as one of the Victoria's Secret Angels. Kerr began modeling in the fashion industry when she was 13, starting at Chaay's Modelling Agency, and soon after winning a 1997 Australian nationwide model search hosted by Dolly magazine and Impulse fragrances.

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Did you know: Christy Walton tops the list of the wealthiest women in the world for the third time. Walton is worth $26.5 billion. Walton is the widow of Walmart scion John Walton, who died in a plane crash near the couple's Wyoming home in 2005, and hold the most wealth of the seven Walton relatives in this year's rankings.

Right behind her is L'Oreal heiress Liliane Bettencourt, who moved up one spot to No. 2 of the richest women whose wealth is calculated at $23.5 billion. L'Oreal, founded by father Eugene Schueller in 1909 boasts 23 global brands including Maybelline, the Body Shop and Lancôme, and employs more than 64,000 people.

Following Bettencourt is another wealthy Walton at $21.2 billion. Alice Walton is the daughter of Sam Walton, who with his brother James, started a general store chain in Bentonville, Ark., in 1962. Today Wal-Mart is the world’s largest retailer, controlling more than $405 billion in annual sales. Walton collected roughly $420 million in dividends in 2010 and will rake in even more next year after the retailer raised its annual payouts by 20% starting this March.

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